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Screenprinting Price List -Based on White T-Shirts (Sizes Large-XL) 100% CottonpctGILDAN | PORT AUTHORITY

Sorry, As of 3/1/2015 we are updating this page.

Please call 541-673-3716 or email- for price quote

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Prices listed above are based on Full Size Prints | Smaller Sized Prints are $1 less
Colored Shirts - + $1.50 each
Set Up Fees & Other Charges-Based on White T-Shirts (Sizes Large-XL) 100% CottonpctGILDAN | PORT
Screen Fees -$25 per Colorpct|pctMid-Run Color Changes -$7.50 per colorpct|pctNo Charge for Camera Ready Art
Reset Screen Fee on Repeat Orders -$10pct|pctCustom Artwork -$60 per Hourpct|pctTypeset Lettering
Contracted Piece Workpct- Printing on Items Brought In PrintsCharmingT-shirtsPrintsCharmingT-sRhirts

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